10 reasons to choose ESP


9 out of 10 consultants recommend ESP Salon & Spa Solutions.For over 30 years, ESP has been a trusted name in the Wellness Point Of Service Industry. That’s why 9 out of 10 consultants, who advise Salons, Spas and Wellness centres on management software, recommend ESP Cloud. Make the right choice for your business and let ESP take you beyond Salon & Spa Management into a realm of extreme wellness. The Industry Standard all other systems follow.


ESP Salon & Spa Solutions have no compulsory feesThere are no compulsory license fees when purchasing or using ESP Cloud. Select your modules and as and when suits you subscribe to any combination of ESP’s affordable IT Assistance & Consulting Plans that suit your requirements. ESP Cloud Services are elective and subscription based so you stay 100% in control.


Add specialized modules to cater for management specific requirementsThe growth of any business demands the ability to add new functionality to your management system. ESP Cloud allows you to add specialized modules or custom develop according to you requirements. Seamlessly integrated, these add-ons offer powerful features and enhanced functionality providing your business with solutions specific to your management processes. Because we understand that every business is unique.


It’s easy to useWe have an in-depth understanding of the Salon and Spa and associated Wellness industries. Continual feedback from our customer base of over 2500 Salons & Spas and 30 Years reveals that ESP Cloud s highly rated as being Easy-To-Use, Intuitive and Affordable. This is why all graduates know ESP and it’s the industry standard.


ESP is a leading African BrandESP Cloud is innovative, of the highest quality and proudly developed in Africa. Used throughout Africa, the UK, Ireland, Australia and the Middle East in over 2500 Salons & Spas for over 30 Years.


ESP integrates with Microsoft, Google, Accounting and Property Management Systems (Hotels)Integrate your Finances, Clients and Price lists with Microsoft Excel for easy importing and exporting and post Hotel Room Charges to leading Property Management Systems.


Backed by an extensive National Service and IT Assistance infrastructureWe’ve been the foundation of African Salon & Spa Management for more than 30 years. With offices in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and partners nationwide as well as the UK, Ireland, Cypress, Kuwait, Kenya and Australia, we’ll support your business anywhere in the world.


Unlimited Assistance
ESP Cloud IT Assistance is free and unlimited. For your ultimate Point Of Service ESP offers various Assistance plans that offer you all the help and benefits your business needs to get started and stay well maintained. It includes unlimited telephonic support, forums, chats, Webinars, Videos, as well as updates. If you purchase any ESP module you qualify for FREE intensive personalized consulting and IT Assistance to turbo charge the implementation. Thereafter you can subscribe to an Business Coaching plan that meets your needs to stay ahead of the industry.


ESP Caters for the growth of your BusinessAs your business grows and requirements change, you can add modules to your Point Of Service / Marketing / Client offering and upgrade seamlessly to any ESP Cloud module that best meets your Evolving Business needs. Head Office & Enterprise modules include, voucher, gift card and loyalty engines to manage your Collective Corporation.


Most Salons, Spas, Grooming Bars & Wellness Centres Use ESP Cloud
Over 2500 Business across Africa and the world use ESP Cloud – Salon & Spa Solutions to manage their businesses. In fact, the extent to which ESP manages Salons and Spas has made it Africa’s most preferred Salon & Spa Point Of Service Software.

If you need even more reasons consider that with ESP Cloud:

Clients can make their own bookings at any time on any device with optional deposit payments essential for mobile practitioners, or to simply eliminate “no shows”. The system’s virtual Front Desk Co-ordinator intelligently works out the What, When, Who and How.

ESPs Cloud Avatar is online 24/7/365, taking orders, dispatching and depositing payments directly into your bank account. Retail items can be sold online with collect-in-store or courier-delivery-management options. Stock control is integrated.

You can keep accurate records of Client contact information for use in sales, deliveries and bookings. Clients, via their own personal ESP Cloud account, can update their information, ensuring their ownership and legal POPI data compliance.

Pre-screening questionnaires you can be injected into your client’s Mobile ESP Cloud. Then, capitalise on your enhanced Point Of Service with follow up Client Prescriptions & Rebooking boosters.

Manage and track orders and transfers between branches. Only items that exist at other branches can be ordered. Branches will be notified via email and on screen when a new order is placed and dispatched with on hand levels automatically updated when items are dispatched and received. The system automatically monitors stock levels alerting you before stock runs low and facilitates orders to your suppliers.

ESP Cloud gives you complete voucher control, including the ability to generate batches of voucher numbers with pre-loaded values. Vouchers can be sold and redeemed at any branch and voucher redemption is managed according to voucher statuses limiting unwanted redemptions of expired or blocked vouchers. Enhanced security on voucher numbers prevents fraud.

Improve client retention by rewarding client loyalty with tailored campaigns including rewards for loyalty sign up, spend thresholds and tier upgrades.Loyalty Accruals & Redemptions are managed by your ESP Cloud robots, which notify your clients automatically. And, Loyalty tier upgrades and downgrades happen automatically. All rewards can have individual expiry dates configured.

ESP Cloud’s unique © Business & StaffExcelerators boosts motivation and can improve retail & service turnover and most importantly, the Holy Grail of client retention.